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The Epic Summer

Have you ever thought what an epic summer consisted of...... What is the definition of an Epic Summer. Do epic summers exist outside of magazines? An urbanite picking up Town & Country on the way to Palm Beach to see their grandparents. Manhattanites heading to Europe to beat the city heat of August. A cool girl, she is a cool girl off to her multiple destinations with her girlfriends. These girls are Epic Summer imaginations.

The day came when the cool girl arrived on her European retreat. She was casually troubled by one of her former lovers. A middle-aged man on his retreat. The independence of the cool girls Epic Summer was all the rave to those who craved a cool girl summer. The cool girl Summer is strong, independent, courageous, and tall. It's a behemoth amongst the small. The cool girl summer is the envy of all girls. It represents empowerment and authority of the individual female.

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