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Tailor Made Services

Managing your Creative Initiatives from Creation to Life. 

Manufacturing Processes,  Supply Chain Management, Curatorial Practices,  Creative Direction,  Business Development and Sales Management 

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Culture Broker connecting people and businesses to inspire collaborative  opportunities and enhance creativity.

This is me

Josh Furtado a business development specialist and culture broker holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business and Political Science from Suffolk University in Boston with a Master’ degree from the Lisbon Consortium ranked 3rd for Master in Creative Industry Management and  culture studies. 

Born in Boston, Joshua has worked and studied in the creative and business sector in New York, Madrid Paris, and now Lisbon. Joshua’s global perspective with brands such as The Bergdorf Goodman Group, Giuseppe Zanotti, and various other creative realms has led Joshua to the design and development field. As a culture broker, Joshua is based in Lisbon, Portugal helping individuals launch their businesses in Portugal and moving further into the European market.  As a culture agent, Joshua was inspired to return to his roots in his family’s native Portugal. 


Joshua’s passion for travel, craftsmanship, and getting to know real people in places found him building bridges with people, art, and culture.


“Connecting people, artists, and businesses to create a cultural and creative fusion is something I love to do.”

Business  Development 
Creative Initiatives 

 Curatorial Practices 

Collaboration  Cultural Awareness

Art Management    Fundraising  Product Development

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Tailor Made Services

Creative Consultant

Creating synergies and fostering collaborations while helping  organizations
and individuals evaluate while managing  their creative initiatives.

I advise companies and individuals with expanding and managing creating creative initiatives that bring ROI and exposure. As a Culture Broker and manager in the creative industries I seek to bridge that gap between organizations and  facilitate communication and understanding between different cultures. They act as intermediaries or bridges between people or groups from diverse cultural backgrounds, helping to bridge gaps in language, customs, values, and beliefs.

As a culture  brokers I play a crucial role in promoting cultural awareness, empathy, and respect. Helping individuals or organizations navigate cultural differences and find common ground for collaboration, negotiation, and  cooperation. Based in Europe and expanding to the Middle East working with creatives is a passion of mine. Understand where you are and where you want to go is the first step.

Clients & Collaborations

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